July 25th, 2010


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Hi everyone! I'm Jessica and I just joined this group. I got married 03/20/10 in California and everything went very well! If you're anything like me, you love to look at pics from other people's weddings, haha! So feel free to check out our wedding slideshow here: http://johnpatrickimages.com/slideshows/jesseandjames/

We had a low budget and bought lots of great things for relatively cheap but do need to make some money back if possible.

Also we got some great disposable stuff for dinner at the reception, like plastic silverware that looked real from Smart & Final and these awesome plates: http://www.restockit.com/Boardwalk-PI410W2020-White-Heavy-Duty-Square-Plastic-Plates-10-1-4-%28BWKPI410W2020%29.html?prd=1 (Just wanted to share the idea in case you need that kind of stuff!)

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