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fun aunt helene

I had always imagined a really diy wedding where we would rent a room and have a cold buffet delivered by a restaurant and people would serve themselves. I even wanted to make my own cake. We had discussed a budget of 5000$ and I thought half of it would go to the reception. I felt it was totally doable for about 100 people. Was I dreaming? The venue we were considering is 40$/hour, so I think I was off to a good start.

One of my best friend is director of a reception venue. Here is their website: (ok, the website isn't working for me right now, but it used to so I hope it comes back... and it's all in French)
The place is really pretty, it's an old mansion and I especially love the garden where there is a nice arch where we can get married. And there's a view on the river. However, their wedding package starts at 77$ per person. My friend wanted me to get married there, I said it was too expensive so he made me a price. He is a very good friend, so the price is very good. And I want a dry wedding, so that helps too.

The price includes for a reception of 100 people:
- the place outside for the ceremony with sound system
- non-alchoolic punch
- the reception room
- an entree of my choice
- a soup of my choice
- a main course of my choice
- a wedding cake of my choice
- silk flowers centerpieces
- use of the sound system
- service
- taxes
all that for 4000$.

I realize this is a very good deal. But it's still over my budget. I also realize it's possible I won't be able to stay within that budget anyway. If I decide to go with the all-incluside venue, there is still tons of other stuff I can diy, right? Any insights on this from more experienced wedding planners? (We ourselves are at the very beginning of planning.) If not, then it's ok, it was nice just to spell it all out in writing.

(sorry for the x-posting)

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