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Intro! <3

Hi. I'm Jen. I'm getting married on Sept. 19th 2009, in Indianapolis, IN.

We've been together for 2 years. Our engagement has been short (he proposed to me a week ago).

We are a very down to earth, creative, *cheap*, geeky couple. So, having an inexpensive wedding is a challenge we're all about!

Out of our pocket Budget: $500-750 give or take.
Help from family: Around $2000 give or take.
Total at most: $3500 (we're trying to be reasonable and realistic)
Colors: Still deciding! I'm about to say the color is "I don't care."
Theme: The fiance "The theme is 'WEDDING!'" (Insert Jazz Hands here.)

First, we are very blessed to know creative and talented people. My fiance and I have entertainment, artistic, and networking backgrounds. If there's something we don't know how to do, we know someone who does.

We have been looking into renting a Historical House (which is haunted! That very fitting for us!) that's local. It's $100 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. We can bring our own food/own catering/own booze/decorations/whatever. Still have to call them to get an appointment for a meet up and walk through of the place. But, it looks very promising.

We do have back up plans if this place doesn't work out. I just wish that we did know someone with a large house that lived close to Indianapolis. (Lots of our friends live in the boondocks of Indiana).

The Officiant is our very close friend (we play World of Warcraft over at her house weekly!), who has offered to marry us.

One of our friends who is a local Goth/Industrial DJ offered to DJ our reception.

I've been looking at Corsets on Etsy/Ebay. I have a friend who is a seamstress who can sew up a skirt to match said corset. I know how to make petticoats.

I have a plethora of people I know that will do my hair/nails for cheap(I'm going to school to be a Cosmetologist. Which BTW... is an EXCELLENT place to shave off money to get your hair/make up/nails done). I'll do my own make up.

I know a photographer who I've modeled for, who has offered to do the photography.

And yet another lovely friend who will be doing belly dancing for our reception entertainment!

We're also speaking with other people in form of bartering services(foods mainly).

We have lots of decorations in our house and lots of arts and craft stuff as it is (I'm a freakn' sucker for art supplies and fun paper!) So our decorations are covered/or I can find "it" in a dollar store and hot glue stuff together.

We are not a traditional couple, so I think that makes things a lot easier on us. We're making sure that if we do buy something that is not consumable and that we have to take with us at the end of the night... that it's something we'd buy outside of it being in the wedding. (Dress, corset, his outfit, extra decorations...)

It's a start. Yet it seems like it never ending.

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