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170 days till the big day

I have been planning this wedding for almost a year now and it is getting close to the end of this planning. At the beginning I had no clue if my parents would want to come to my wedding. It started out with alot of drama and now that its closer they are really happy and excited for me. I just can't wait for my dad to walk me down the isle.

We basically got most of our items when they were on sale. My budget started out being $8,500 and now its $6,500. We have my dress, the decorations, and the venue booked. My FH's sister is going to be doing my hair which I am so happy and can't wait for. My friend that sells Mary Kay is going to be doing my make-up.

We are having problems deciding on what type of food we want. We know we want sandwiches but we dont know if we should do an a la carte style buffet. Our reception will be for lunch so its kinda hard to decide. We know the side dishes will be potatoe salad, cole slaw, baked beans, and chips.

We were looking into renting a limo to drop the girls and I at the venue but they want a 3 hr min. So we decided nah my dad will be renting a car anyways so he can rent a bigger car and drive us to the venue.

The girls and I will be staying at the Sanibel Anchor Inn in one of the A-frame cottages. They are nice I took a tour of one yesterday. The venue is just down the street at the Sanibel Community House which we got for $575 for the night before and the day of. We didnt book the whole place. We just booked the north, middle, and kitchen. Its very antique and nice. Just one thing about it is that they don't want burning candles. So we got blue LED tealights. 

For our photographer, my FH traded in teaching this guy how to use photoshop for his wife to do our photography for free. She might not be good but my FH can fix any photo. Since he does that mostly for a living. LOL

I think thats a good update on my wedding planning. ONLY 170 DAYS LEFT TILL I AM MRS. JOSHUA D. THOMAS.

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