rasangel (rasangel) wrote in lowbudgetbride,

52 days left and counting

Well, a lot has went on during the year we have been engaged. We had a few fights where I just want to break up with him. But I just lock myself in my room for a week and then I'm all better.

I had a problem with my Maid of Honor and well, lets just say I had to get a new one. That happened like a month ago. We had to get her a dress and everything 2 weeks. It was not that fun.

We also ended up buying a house so we ended up being short for our wedding. But due to my nice uncle he offered to pay for the rest of it and we pay him back when we get the money.

But now its 52 days till the big day I am getting really nervous. I am shacking and crying 90% of the time.

My officiant gave me a deadline on to write out an outline on our ceremony which will be a fun task. I only have 10 days to get it done. OH JOY. But I am working on it... SLOWLY... lol..

But let me explain what we have got done.

We got everything for our reception ready.  We are having square plates and silver plated plastic silverware. We are having our ceremony & reception at the Sanibel Community House. We are waiting back on our RSVPs to see how many people will be coming. So far we are only having 12 people plus the bridal party. so that's a total of 24... people only have 10 days left  to RSVP or they wont be allowed to come inside for the wedding. we will have someone at the door checking. lol.

We also have my wedding gown and my bridesmaids has their gowns but my maid of honor is waiting on her gown. Our gowns are in alterations so I can't wait till I put my gown on again.

We also got a limo for us to ride in style to our honeymoon. We are going on a cruise for our honeymoon. I can't wait.

We are almost ready for this wedding. We just have to get food & cake & drinks. Then we are ready.

Well, I guess I gotta get to work on this outline. :-(

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