Shannon (classiestkid) wrote in lowbudgetbride,

married! 10/03/09

Just a few pictures for now taken by my husband's uncle, more to come later definitely! Also, some pictures taken by my while my girls and I were getting ready.
We had an amazing day, everything went smoothly as far as I know and the weather was great even though it threantened rain all week. A more involved/detailed post when I get more pictures back, I'm sure but for now I am completely exhausted! vand my living room is covered in presents that I have no spacee for!

first some pre-wedding photos taken by me so I wouldn't have a panic attack;

Amanda doing my maid of honor, Danielle's hair
*click them all to view bigger!

this was right after she was engulfed in a cloud of hairspray

me after lke tow hours of sleep at six am.

MOH all pretty, with cold feet, hah.

bridesmaid Brianna, having her hair done.

bridesmaid Lili, getting her hair done

the girl's bouquets

my bouquet

bridesmaid Jess, getting her hair done.

our flower girl Haylie fell and got her dress dirty, good thing I brought that tide pen along!

Danielle and Brianna, my two oldest friends ♥

all ready!

my father in law and I


we made a group decision that this wasn't needed under my dress, so they girls posed with it instead.

no one was ever looking at the right camera

my best friend since 9th grade!

now on to the pictures taken by Uncle Mark;

my Aunt who raised my when my Mother passed away, walked me down the aisle

my husband seeing my for the first time, our Pastor and our Best Man, Brandon

the boys

I was shaking so bad I almost dropped my flowers a few times

it's official!

all of my husband's aunt's

Ron's parents after the ceremony

my new brother in law, Austin was a groomsman

don't give your guests bells!

BM Jess and GM Ryan, during our first dance, Ron and I both felt awkward dancing alone so we had our bridal party join us.

first dance

Ron's grandparents, their anniversary is 10/6 so they dj played "their song"

That's all for now, I'm impatiently awaiting pics from my photographers and family members, Uncle says he has about 50+ more pictures to upload to our fickr.

Thanks for looking!


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