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34 Days left till the BIG DAY

Well, I got so much done. I went to my first fitting. I went to my hair trial. Also we decided on our cake

My first fitting went great. My new MoH quickly took her place as being a maid of honor when we went to our first fitting. She helped the seamstress a lot. My MoH came up with my bustle that I LOVE. I had to walk out into the lobby after they got the bustle done to meet up with a friend that was running late. alot of people commented on my beautiful bustle. They all asked if they could take pictures of it and i was like go ahead.  this link is of my bustle and other photos taken during the fitting. http://s983.photobucket.com/albums/ae314/angelia1987/

One of my bridesmaids will be doing my hair since she is a hair dresser. I told her that I wanted to do a test run so I can see how long it will take to do my hair so I can figure out what time we need to wake up the day of to start getting ready. We talked about how I wanted my hair & how my mom wanted my hair. Both my mom & myself wanted to see me with TONS of curls. I always thought my hair would be perfect with curls than in an up do. Well, after deciding what we were going to do she immediately started workin on my hair. 2.5 hrs and a whole can of hairspray later she was finally done. I love how it turne out. Here are the photos we took of my hair. http://s983.photobucket.com/albums/ae314/angelia1987/my%20wedding%20hair/

For our cake we decided on doing a chocolate & vanilla cream w/ buttercream frosting. We do not have a photo of what our cake will look like because fiance designed the cake. I so love my created fiance.

Let me know what you think.

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