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Hi everyone! I'm Jessica and I just joined this group. I got married 03/20/10 in California and everything went very well! If you're anything like me, you love to look at pics from other people's weddings, haha! So feel free to check out our wedding slideshow here:

We had a low budget and bought lots of great things for relatively cheap but do need to make some money back if possible.

Also we got some great disposable stuff for dinner at the reception, like plastic silverware that looked real from Smart & Final and these awesome plates: (Just wanted to share the idea in case you need that kind of stuff!)

16 - 108" Round Dark Brown
2 - 120" Round Dark Brown
5 - 90" x 156" White Rectangle
2 - 90" x 132" White Rectangle
(ALL table cloths have been washed too by my mom, haha. My mom said the white ones have stains/marks though. I don't know how bad they are, I haven't taken them out of the box.)
Here is a pic of the tablecloths when we did a test run to see what the tables would look like:
And here you can see the tables at the reception:
And here for the cake table:

I'd probably want about $9 each i think, but if you buy ALL 18 round ones i'll toss the white ones in for free since they're stained. (if you're using any type of overlay then the stains wouldn't show I think, or they can be flipped and used at the buffet/etc.)
And of course we'd have to weigh them and figure out the shipping depending on where you live.

I have a card box for on the gift table or the guestbook table. It has a slight water mark or something on the bottom right corner in the pic. Not sure what its from, not sticky or anything and I barely noticed it until I went to take the picture. I'd want maybe $10 for the box or so?

I bought an ADORABLE dark brown sash/bow to put on the flower girls dress but ended up not using it and couldn't return it. Its a dark brown sash and connected on the back is a big adorable dark brown bow. I'm hoping for $10 for it.
Looks like this (picture is a little dark, its dark brown, not black!)

I also have 10 flower decorations we used on the pews.
The flowers are wired and secured with floral tape to the pew hooks.
The hooks they're on look like this so they can easily be slipped on the arm of a chair, end of a pew, etc.
Here is the online picture of the flowers:
My mom added ribbon on them, you could cut the ribbons off or keep them.
Hoping for $40 total for all of them.

Another angle:
View on the pew:
Another down the isle:

I have this roll of tulle that I got from someone online but never used. Make an offer.

Shows how much is left:

SILVER table number frames. Don't know where #3 and #4 went. Who would steal table numbers? LOL

Close up of the table numbers. Frames are silver. You can print the numbers on paper and put them in if you don't like my swirly numbers.
ONE frame is missing a leg to stand on somehow, but if you don't need ALL the frames you can easily swap the back with one that stands.
Hoping for $20 for all of them

Tiny adorable salt and pepper shakers for on the reception tables. I have 36 individual shakers, so 18 pairs, and they have salt and pepper in them already too from my wedding!

Close up WITH flash on my camera
Close up WITHOUT flash on my camera
Hoping for $18 for all of them

Votive candle holders and some candles (all i have is shown here)

Make an offer

Candle stick holders, so swirly and cute! I have 25 of them)

Another angle:
No flash:
Make an offer

Tea Light candle holders, so cool! (I have 21 of them)

Make an offer

6 Pillar candle holders

Make an offer

Candle holders we used in the middle of the reception tables.
Some are short and some are tall. I have approximately 30 tall and 30 short. I can check for sure if you're interested, or tell me how many you need.
Tried to take pics with and without flash, but these are sooo clear its hard to get a good shot. They look so pretty and reflect light well when the candles are in them at the reception.
Short without flash:

Short with flash:
Tall without flash:
Tall with flash:
You can see them in the center of the tables here:
and here:

I also have the Battery operated tea lights. They flicker like real flame! So nice, since MOST places don't allow open flame anymore. I have 90-something of them too!

18 Fish bowl shaped vases. We didn't end up using these so they're NEW!

Side view:

Plain centerpiece vases. We used and washed these, had 20, only 7 left! Haha

Side View:


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