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The Low Budget Bride

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Welcome to lowbudgetbride. We are here to help you plan your special day without spending a fortune, because we know that you can't always afford to have a ten thousand dollar (plus) wedding. We are also here to show you that you don't NEED to spend all that money to have the wedding of your dreams. The focus of this community is saving money when it comes to wedding planning.

We help each other find affordable ways to make our dreams come true. We post links, give ideas, and ask each other for help. You need help? Just ask. Ideas? Share them! DIY questions or suggestions? Bring em' on! It's all about learning.

When joining this community, do us a favor and post about yourself. Where you are, when & where are you are getting married, what is your budget and your theme, etc. You may just have a plan that someone can learn from.

As a member, you are also welcome to try and sell your services, or unused or unwanted items. Post links, coupons, or tips! Anything to help someone save a buck. We all know, weddings are EXPENSIVE! Unwanted solicitations from outside of the group will be deleted.

Happy Planning, and if you find a great deal, then SHARE!

Services offered by Community Members:
Illinois: Chicago


Kansas: Wichita
Wedding Photography/Portraits
MsEntropy with Fresh Takes Photography

Indiana: Fort Wayne
Engagement/Wedding Photography
DgMandie see her Samples